Paediatrics, 5th year

General info

  • All students should follow the "Teaching regulations" (links below).
  • All regulations may be subjects to change by Poland's Ministry of Health, the Dean or the Chair of the Department.
  • The Paediatric course for 5th year students lasts 13 days, inluding:
    • Department of Paediatrics, Haematology and Oncology (PHOD) (University Hispital No. 1 in Bydgoszcz) - 6 days
    • Department of Paediatrics, Allergology and Gastroenterology (PAGD) (University Hospital No. 1 in Bydgoszcz) - 2 days
    • Department of Paediatrics and Nephrology and at the Department of Paediatrics, Allergology and Cardiology (Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony in Toruń, ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 42) - 4 days
    • in Centre for Medical Simulations - 1 day
  • Please, contact the Office of the Centre for Medical Education in English regarding your journey to Toruń.
  • The persons responsible for didactics in PHOD and PAGD are dr Robert Dębski dr Alicja Salamon-Górna, respectively. The person responsible for the classes in Toruń is dr Roman Stankiewicz.
  • Please note: all further information doesn't refer to classes in PAGD (please, contant this Department in that case)!
  • In submenus you can find a general plan for each year. The most current schedule may be found on the information board on the 6th floor (at the front of Prof. Styczyński's office) or in your MS Teams group. A separate "team" will be created in MS Teams for each group shortly before classes. Please, use MS Teams as a main way for exchanging information with teachers. Please, follow your team to be notified about the changes in the program.
  • Unless otherwise noted, classes start at 8:30 am (classes in Toruń start at 9:00 am).
  • Seminars are held for the whole group in a seminar room on the 6th floor. Presentations are available on our website as slideshows or PDF files. For better effects of learning and productive discussion, please, read the presentation BEFORE the seminar.
  • For turtorials groups are divided into subgroups. Part of practice take place in our outpatient clinics (on the ground floor) and in our Clinical and Experimental Oncology Lab (5th floor).
  • Please, have your medical suits on (coats with long sleeves are not recommended) and leave your outer clothes and bags in a cloakroom. You're not alllowed to enter the ward with bags, food or outer clothing. Students should have their own stethoscopes, and a examination torch and a measure tape (at least one for each subgroup).
  • For a practice in Clinical and Experimental Oncology Lab, please, refresh information on a blood count, haematopoiesis, and blood and marrow cancer from Laboratory medicine and Pathomorphology (e.g. laeukemia and lymphoma F.A.B. classification, cytochemistry and immunology of blood cells).


  • Department's office - phone +48 52 585 4860, e-mail: or
  • Contact with academic teachers - most preferably by e-mail or MS Teams chat
  • Office hours of academic teachers - from Monday to Friday from 7:45am to 9:00am (please, ask the secretary to call a teacher)


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